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We just need your number to point you in the right direction. Use your mobile broadband number to sign in below. It's on the credit card sized holder that came with your sim. You might want to make a note of it, or tick the 'Remember me' box below, because you'll need it whenever you top up or check your account.

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Using your data

Pay & Go data one-off packages have expiry periods which range from one day to one year. You’ll be told at the time of purchase how long your data will last. Your data will expire on the expiry date, or once it’s used up, whichever is sooner. You’ll be able to see when your data expires in My Account view.

Pay & Go data auto top-ups (Steady Surfer) data allowances last a month – unless you use them all up. Unused data does not rollover into the next month.

Running low on data

When you’ve used 80% of your data, we’ll send a message to the Mobile Broadband Manager or Connection Manager of your dongle or Pocket Hotspot, or to the Messages folder on your tablet. And we’ll send you another when you’ve completely run out – with a link to our top-up pages, in case you want some more. We’ll also send an email to your registered email address, in case your device can’t receive messages – or you can’t access them.

If you try to use your browser once you’ve run out of data, we’ll send you to our top-up pages. But if you’re using an online app like Facebook, it might just stop working. In that case, head to your browser and you should be redirected to the top-up page. But if not, go to

Adding a Bolt On

If you have an auto top-up you can buy Bolt Ons to keep you going if your data is running low during the month. Simply go to – you’ll be taken straight to My Account page. You’ll see the options for Bolt Ons. Choose the one you need and follow the on screen instructions.

If you’ve still got some data left, your Bolt On won’t be added until it runs out. Your Bolt On will expire when your current data plan ends, whether you use it or not. So make sure you don’t get more data than you need.

Adding another top-up

You can add another top-up even if you still have data remaining on your existing plan. Your additional top-up will be queued until the data on your existing plan has been used up or it expires, whichever is sooner. Your queued top-up will then become the active top-up and will expire after the data allowance is used up, or when the time period comes to an end.

Cancelling your auto top-up

Just sign in to your My O2 account, with your mobile broadband number. You’ll be taken to the My Account page. Then click Cancel plan. You can always get a new plan again later, if you change your mind.

Changing the payment date for a Steady Surfer plan

Your payment date is the date you sign up for your plan. If you want to change your payment date you’ll need to cancel your plan and start it again on the date you want the payment to be taken. If you start on the 29,30 or 31 of the month we’ll automatically change subsequent payment dates to 28.

Updating card details

Just sign in to your My O2 account, with your mobile broadband number. Click Edit payment details. Put in your new card details and click Save. You’ll get a confirmation to show your card details have been updated.

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