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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Broadband FAQs

What is a monthly data package?

It’s where we top up the data for your dongle, Pocket Hotspot or tablet for you. Just tell us what date you want us to top you up every month and we’ll take the money straight from your account. There’s no credit check, no commitment – and you can cancel any time.



What kind of devices can I use it on?

Tablets, dongles and Pocket Hotspots. (And we’ve also got a package for iPads .)

How much does it cost?

We have packages for both 3G and 4G tariffs. For 3G there's 1GB for £10 or 2GB for £13 and for 4G there's 3GB for £15 and 5GB for £25.


If you signed up for our 5GB monthly data package before the 28th February 2014 we gave you an introductory extra 3GB of monthly data allowance, every month, for as long as you stay signed up to the 5GB plan.


If you cancel it, or your payment fails, and the promotional period has ended, then you'll no longer be eligible for the promotion should you decide to re-sign to the 5GB plan.



How long will my monthly data allowance last?

A month – unless you use it all up, first.

What if I don’t use up all my data this month? Will it roll over to the next month?

Yes. Any data you haven’t used will automatically roll over to the next month, as long as you’re still renewing your data package. But once you hit 12GB, there’s a cap – you can’t roll over or add any more data. If you top up, you’ll just give yourself another month to use that data.


The only other times your data won’t roll over are if you cancel your monthly package, or one of your monthly payments doesn’t go through.



What happens if I use up all of my data before the end of the month?

If you use up all of your data before your next package begins, you can buy a one-off top up to tide you over: for our 3G packages you can choose to top-up 200MB for £2, 1GB for£10 or 2GB for £13, on our 4G packages you can top-up 1GB for £10 or 5GB for £30.

What’s a data cap?

When you buy a monthly mobile broadband package from us, you get a month to use the data before it expires. But if you buy another bundle or top up within that month, we’ll roll over any leftover data and add it to the data you’ve just bought. If you don’t buy another bundle, you’ll lose your data.



Why 12GB?

Because most of our customers only roll over around 100MB each month. It’s less than 1% who store up more than 12GB. So you should find you’ve got plenty of space to store up what you need.



Will my data always roll over?

No. You need to top up every month, or you’ll lose your data. If you aren’t on our monthly package but buy our 30-day top-ups then you’ll need to top-up every 30 days instead to make sure your data rolls over into the next 30-day period. If you’ve got a monthly package, you’ll lose your data if you cancel your package or your payment doesn’t go through. If you’re just topping-up then you’ll lose your data if you don’t purchase another top-up within 30-days.

How can I find out how much data I’ve saved up?

Visit and enter your mobile broadband number. That’ll take you to your account summary page. You’ll see how much data you have and when it’s due to run out.



Can I use Wi-Fi abroad?

You can use Wi-Fi abroad, but it's not included in your monthly subscription. You can search for a Wi-Fi service by clicking the "Available Networks" option in Connection Manager, choosing a Wi-Fi network and clicking “Connect”.

Once you have connected you should open your internet browser and you'll be taken to a landing page from the Wi-Fi provider. You might have to pay to use the service.

What do you mean by coverage?

Coverage is the term referred to when we are talking about where you can use the O2 Mobile Broadband service. The O2 mobile network provides a mix of GPRS, EDGE, 3G & HSDPA network speeds that cover the whole of the UK. 


All O2 customers have access to O2 Wifi.


Refer to our coverage checker that can be found at to check coverage in the area you want to use Mobile Broadband.



How can I check coverage where I want to use Mobile Broadband?

You can check coverage directly online at our website at Or Connection Manger gives you an easy way to check coverage.

There are two version of connection manager

1/ Choose More > Favourites > Coverage Map.


2/ Choose Tools> Coverage Map.


Is the coverage in my area suitable for me?

Our Coverage Checker will give you an answer of Red Amber Green.

Green  - We recommend O2 Mobile Broadband for this postcode and predict that speeds will be good.
Amber - We predict speeds may be slower for this postcode; we recommend you try it and see for yourself.
Red - We do not recommend O2 Mobile Broadband for this postcode.

Check out our O2 Guru TV video below:

I'm in a coverage area, but I cant get connected to the internet

There are several possible causes of this problem. Please try the following steps and if you still can’t access the internet call out customer service team on the number on your bill.

  1. One common problem is that the SIM card is not in the dongle or that it has been inserted incorrectly. Please remove the SIM card from your dongle and replace it, ensuring that it is positioned correctly. Our dongles all include a picture showing the right way to insert the modem.

  2. In certain conditions, for example when the dongle is removed part way through a connection attempt, it is possible for the dongle to get stuck in flash drive mode instead of modem. Right click on the modem (in My Computer) and click "eject".

  3. Check that you have the right version of Connection Manager for your modem. This link will take you to a site where you can check your current version and download a more up to date one if necessary by clicking here.

  4. It is possible that Connection Manager can no longer find your dongle – perhaps as a result of a Windows upgrade. The next step involves re-installing your dongle from within Connection Manager. The instructions for doing this are different depending on which modem and version of Connection Manager you are using:

    1. If your Connection Manager looks like this then take the following steps:

      1. Remove the dongle from your computer
      2. Go to Tools menu and click on ‘Install USB modem’
      3. Do not insert your dongle until Connection Manager tells you to do so
      4. Wait for a few minutes and check the ‘show available networks’ window to see if O2 UK is visible

    2. If your Connection Manager looks like this then take the following steps:

      1. Remove the dongle from your computer
      2. Go to Settings / Devices / Install and click on ‘Install Mobile Broadband dongle or modem’. You’ll be given a choice of which modem to install so make sure you choose the right one.
      3. When Connection Manager tells you that the drivers have been installed please plug your dongle back into your computer
      4. Wait for a few minutes and check the ‘show available networks’ window to see if O2 UK is visible

  5. If you have follow the previous steps and still cannot access the internet then you should uninstall Connection Manager and then re-install it. You can re-install directly from your dongle or from our website using the link above. If you are unsure how to uninstall software from your computer then please call us for advice.

  6. If none of these steps have solved the problem it is possible that your dongle is faulty. Please take a note of the colours that are flashing on the modem before call our customer service team.

Check out our O2 Guru TV video below:

I've got coverage but I keep dropping the connection

If you are experiencing drops or your connection is freezing it may be caused by low signal or the firmware on your device.

Try moving the computer to another location to see if the problem persists. If you can now get a stable connection there could be something in the area affecting your signal. This could include thick walls or electrical interferance.  If the problem persists you may need to upgrade your modem's firmware.

Visit to check for the latest firmware for your device. Choose your dongle and follow the instructions.

Check out our O2 Guru TV video below:

Is the 3G broadband experience the same as broadband at home?

No. Fixed Broadband speeds are likely to be much better than Mobile Broadband over the 3G/HSDPA network. The Wi-Fi network is generally the fastest speed that customers will receive on Mobile Broadband. If consistency of speed is the main driver for you, then we recommend O2 Home Broadband.

How can I tell how much data I'm using?

The Pay & Go Access page tells you how much time you have left and the amount of data you have left.


However, if you've used up your allowance within the time allowance, you won't be able to use the Mobile Broadband network.


Windows users, you'll automatically go to the mobile broadband access website after you've installed Connection Manager. You can also get to this page by clicking the 'View Usage & Buy access' button on Connection Manager or open your internet browser and go to


Mac users, open your internet browser and go to

What happens when I use up my allowance?

Pay & Go customers will not be charged for any data used above their allowance but will automatically be directed to buy further access once their allowance has been used up or the time ends, whichever is the sooner. You will also receive an SMS on Connection manager to inform you that you are running low on data. Don't forget you can keep track of the amount of data you are using on the access page.

I've installed Connection Manager but it won't open

Connection Manager may already be open, but minimised on your screen. It should appear if you click the Connection Manager icon in your system tray (the small group of icons at the bottom right of your screen).

You can shrink the Connection Manager Display into your system tray by clicking on the minimise button (it looks like _) at the top right of the Connection Manager Display.

Don't want Connection Manager to start every time you switch on your laptop?

There are 2 version of Connection Manager

1/ Choose Settings. On the “ General “ tab , untick the box “Launch Connection Manager when windows starts

2/ Choose Tools > Options > Preferences > General Prompts.

How do I switch between mobile and Wi-Fi?

You shouldn’t need to do this because Connection Manager will automatically connect you to your fastest available network. If you do need to switch network it is very easy. First disconnect from the one you are using by clicking ‘disconnect’ from the home screen of Connection Manager.

You will then see the fastest available network displayed in the home screen and you just have to click ‘Connect’. If you want to choose a different network then go to 'Available Networks' and double click on the network you want.

I've been prompted to upgrade my Connection Manager software. Should I upgrade?

Yes, from time to time we will introduce new features and improvements and we always recommend that our customers are using the most up to date version of our Connection Manager software.

How do I switch on Wi-Fi?

There is usually a button or switch on your laptop with the following indicator that you should use to switch on Wi-Fi:

What is Wi-Fi?

Wi-Fi is a different type of network allowing users to connect to the internet wirelessly. Wi-Fi is generally the fastest network that the customer can connect to over Mobile Broadband

What is a hotspot?

A Wi-Fi hotspot is an internet access point in a public location such as a café or hotel where you can connect to the internet at broadband speed using a Wi-Fi enabled device. They broadcast a wireless frequency that connects your equipment to the location's internet connection.

How do I transfer my existing Wi-Fi profiles?

Make sure you're running our latest Connection Manager software. Go to Tools (Spanner) > Help > About and check that the version number is 3.4 R1 98. If not, you should upgrade by following the instructions found at Choose your dongle and follow the instructions.

If you have previously used the Wi-Fi management software on your laptop or PC, then you can import your profiles into Connection Manager. Go to 'Tools' and then 'Options' then 'Import Windows Profiles'. Then click 'Next' and 'Finish'. Connection Manager will import the network names and security keys and store them as profiles.